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Prestigious Villa on Como Lake Libery style

Prestigious Villa on Como Lake Libery style
  • Luxury Villa on Lake Como, called "VILLA ROSA" built in 1903 by a German entrepreneur in Griante, on the western side of Lake Como. In this stretch of the lake from the panoramic and unique natural features, on which overlook the Bellagio and Tremezzo, since 700 were built villas and beautiful gardens Milanese nobility.

    After the war of 1915-1918 the villa was bought by the family that still owns the property that over the years has embellished and enhanced the property. Situated on a natural level not far from the lake, the villa is entirely surrounded by the greenery of a large park with valuable trees whose landscape design is outlined by a tree-lined avenue and pergola that creates a visual telescope between the villa and the city center of Carsolina, upstream. From the villa to the lake, the prospective route descends with a slight slope, wedged between the gardens to the covered dock, also owned.

    The Villa presents unaltered its original architectural features, a blend of Renaissance and artistic expressions of the early 900. Villa Rosa has an inlet, embellished with a fountain with sculptures and two arcaded wings, one of which houses the marble tub a small spa calidario. The building is on two floors plus basement dunes, and an attic with panoramic tower offering a breathtaking view of the landscape of the lake and mountains. Inside the Villa decorations and architectural details as well as the finishing materials are still the originals and that maintain the atmosphere of the early century. A spacious foyer of entrance with stone staircase balcony, supported by valuable sculptural elements is the architectural structure of the noble part, around which are arranged on the ground floor reception rooms and the first floor rooms with private bathrooms. The two levels are connected to each other by one of the first lifts of the century, still operated today.

    The basement houses the kitchens and cellars, sometimes entirely in brick. The dock is located in a very secure location, along the shore of the lake in front of Bellagio. Equipped with a small harbor mooring and a large shelter compartment covered by a roof terrace. Completing the Villa The guard house, the greenhouse and an outbuilding. The Villa also lends itself to be used as a Relais Chateau thanks to its particular inner conformation, does not require any special adjustment work. on the ground there is a possibility to build additional buildings.

    • Price:

      5.500.000,00 EURO

    • Energy Class:


    • Year: 1903
    • Sqm: 30000.00
    • Local: 20
    • Box:
    • Cantina:
    • Balcony:
    • Terrace:
    • Garden:
    • Park:
    • Pool:
    • Lift:
    • Porter’s lodge:

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